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About the breed

Aussies are a wonderful breed...in the right home. For those who fit the Aussie's profile, few other breeds can match their intelligence and devotion. Others may find themselves with more dog than they bargained for, and a liability on their hands. If you are new to the breed, please be sure to do your homework before moving forward. Start here for more information about the breed as a family companion, and feel free to email with questions and concerns to see if this might be the right - or wrong - breed for you.

Getting a pup

Already know the breed is right for you, and looking for an Aussie pup to add to your family? Great! I'd love to chat (I'm easiest to reach by email!). But please do us both a favor and read through this great blog post first: Puppy buyer etiquette

The next steps

Pups are NOT sold on a first come, first served basis, and much time and consideration is taken in matching each pup with potential homes for a strong lifetime bond (please visit the Policies page for more information about selection and placement. In order to facillitate this, we ask that every potential home complete a Puppy Questionnaire.


Live videos of litters are posted periodically on our Facebook page!


Planned for Winter/Spring 2020!

AKC/ASCA Ch. Watermark Inscription


There was so much about my last Kip litter in terms of temperament and type that I adore that I decided to use him again!  Scribble will be bred in late January for a late March/early April litter with tons of "can do!" attititude!.

Watch for summer plans!

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