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Phone: 607.592.6260

Locke, NY 13092


Honest disclosure about trying to reach me: I use email and text almost exclusively for communication. In addition to caring for my dogs, I work a full time job in health care where I can't receive or make phone calls easily, and I'm often exhausted at the end of the day when I head home to spend time with my canine kids, attend classes, do housework, etc. In addition, with the number of people I'm typically communicating with, written correspondence is often the best way to keep everyone's information straight.


So email me. And expect that it might take a while for me to have the time and energy to sit down and face my inbox. Feel free to be a squeaky wheel, but please try to respect the limited time and mental energy left at the end of my days. My current puppy owners are my family, and I will always attend to them first.



Have Questions or Suggestions?

Success! Message sent. Now please try to be patient until I can conquer my inbox.

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